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I was once giving a presentation where someone at first had trouble spotting where in her body she was holding energy. Working with her one-on-one, I had her close her eyes and trace the sensations again and then she managed to become aware of the energy, which showed her that she required greater focus with less external stimulus.

All along I had the feeling that what kept her from perceiving the energy hadn’t so much been her inability as much as the judgment she had for herself – her belief that she was not “evolved enough” to be able to sense her own energy.

At another presentation, there was someone else who was very receptive, very empathic: she could really pick up on other people’s emotions and energy. Yet she too, was styming her abilities and her experience because others present there could see energy, whereas she could “only” feel it. In her mind, she had decided that what some were doing – seeing – was better than feeling it. Her self-judgment made her feel doubt in her own abilities when in fact her modality of perception was perfect as it was.

This is the downfall of comparing ourselves to others. The fact is, wherever you are is perfect – what’s there for you in the moment is what is ideal, and comparing yourself to others takes you out of the magic of the moment. When you appreciate your experience as is, on the other hand, you cease to compare yourself to others and align with your heart. Then, without the judgment, you have a fuller experience and can treat what’s in the moment as mere information and an opportunity for expansion.

So, stop comparing yourself to others, surrender the judgment, and step into the magic of the moment.

Photo credit: DreamShoot by Marcel Steger

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