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A Few Questions to Ask of Unfamiliar Energies or Other Planes of Existence

Occasionally I hear about spiritual hierarchies. Different traditions accord status and spiritual progress in various ways. Some people might refer to angels and to guides; and some may allude to darker energies. When I encounter energy that consists of vibrations that I may not be accustomed to working with (let’s say there’s an energy that comes through me that would like to assist in my healing work), I use a few questions to help me clarify my relationship to that energy.

Does the energy consist of unconditional love, compassion and truth? Is it in alignment with Spirit (God, Source)? All energy is part of Source. Is it an energy that’s in alignment with my highest and best? How can it serve me, how can it serve others, what is its purpose? What is its vibration or energy telling me?

I then discern whether that energy would serve me or not at any given moment. You always have the ability to choose what energies you want to work with and what energies to bring through. I don’t always have to understand all of the energy to use it or not to use it, to learn its message or to pass it by. My basic approach is always working with the above questions and then letting the energies align with me as a whole person, so that my healing is expanded and enhanced.

Ultimately the energy is either made of love, or it’s not. Names, systems of thinking, definitions, hierarchies – they’re not all that important to me. Asking the above questions helps me to clarify my relationship to those energies, but my system is simple. What it boils down to is, the less I get enmeshed in definitions or hierarchies, the more I can lead from my heart center and stay in alignment with Spirit.

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Not Lugging Around the Old Textbooks

Remember all those school textbooks you carried with you when you were a kid? They were heavy, they weighed you down, but you couldn’t hope to keep up with the class if you didn’t have them. You needed them and they served you. Regardless of whether you remember the books, the teachers you didn’t like or the kids who picked on you, you learned whatever suited you in school and you discarded the rest, and today you don’t need to carry the books around nor store them because the information they contained is something you have integrated.

Sometimes it’s not quite like that with a memory, a time in our lives, or a traumatic event. We went through an experience, we learned the lesson, but there are things we’re still holding in our mind, our body, or our emotions. And yet there is no need to retain the baggage – the sorrow, the heaviness, the drama, the fear and the pain that may have accompanied the experience. You learned something, and you can let go of those emotions just as you let go of the old textbooks that taught you.

But what to do if those emotions are still there after the lesson? Or what if you’ve worked to release the emotions, and they still persist?

The sorrow, pain or heaviness that might still be there serve a purpose: they are a reminder that the baggage is still with us and it’s an opportunity to acknowledge the wisdom that experience brought. We can treat them not as a chance to get emotionally lost in the drama of long ago but as information to be noticed. Sometimes, those emotions tend to be like onions, and when they surface to be healed it doesn’t mean that we didn’t already address the stuff in the previous layer but rather that we’re working now on something deeper.

Eventually we can replace those emotions with love, joy or compassion. The lessons will remain, but without the textbooks to weigh us down.

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Solving Problems is Mostly About Inner or Outer Focus

Oftentimes people seek me out to deal with things that they blame others for – or if not others, then some unspecified thing, such as the feeling that they got the short end of the stick in their life. And I can relate, because when I first started my path of growth, I had a difficult time separating my feelings from other people’s feelings. I could easily pick up on others’ energy and become reactive or have physical symptoms or emotions. In that context, it seemed like everything was happening to me, and so I blamed and judged – others and myself.

But part of the process of developing my intuitive abilities was daily meditation – turning my focus inward. Once I could tap into meditation and other tools that fostered discernment and focus, I realized how easily I could remedy a situation just by knowing when I accidentally took on other people’s energies. I could now look at each situation not as a chance to blame or judge but from a place of information-gathering. Why did I attract that energy? Was there a focus or a reason within myself why I attracted it? Was it just to be aware of and set boundaries? In the latter case, it led me to be more discerning of what type of energy I allow to be in my life – what I attract and what I let go of.

I mention this because when you’re feeling off-balance and your focus is external (what everybody else is doing, what things are irritating you), it’s easy to view those annoyances from either a place of judgment or being hard on yourself. By turning your focus inward, however, you can view circumstances as an “opportunities arise” kind of situation – opportunities for expansion, growth and shifting your energy, instead of blaming yourself or someone else for what they did wrong. You become the observer and through self-questioning and self-reflection you arrive at the underlying truth of the situation – and armed with it, it’s easy then to sense the right course of action.

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