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Oftentimes people seek me out to deal with things that they blame others for – or if not others, then some unspecified thing, such as the feeling that they got the short end of the stick in their life. And I can relate, because when I first started my path of growth, I had a difficult time separating my feelings from other people’s feelings. I could easily pick up on others’ energy and become reactive or have physical symptoms or emotions. In that context, it seemed like everything was happening to me, and so I blamed and judged – others and myself.

But part of the process of developing my intuitive abilities was daily meditation – turning my focus inward. Once I could tap into meditation and other tools that fostered discernment and focus, I realized how easily I could remedy a situation just by knowing when I accidentally took on other people’s energies. I could now look at each situation not as a chance to blame or judge but from a place of information-gathering. Why did I attract that energy? Was there a focus or a reason within myself why I attracted it? Was it just to be aware of and set boundaries? In the latter case, it led me to be more discerning of what type of energy I allow to be in my life – what I attract and what I let go of.

I mention this because when you’re feeling off-balance and your focus is external (what everybody else is doing, what things are irritating you), it’s easy to view those annoyances from either a place of judgment or being hard on yourself. By turning your focus inward, however, you can view circumstances as an “opportunities arise” kind of situation – opportunities for expansion, growth and shifting your energy, instead of blaming yourself or someone else for what they did wrong. You become the observer and through self-questioning and self-reflection you arrive at the underlying truth of the situation – and armed with it, it’s easy then to sense the right course of action.

Photo Credit: Anua22a

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