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Occasionally I hear about spiritual hierarchies. Different traditions accord status and spiritual progress in various ways. Some people might refer to angels and to guides; and some may allude to darker energies. When I encounter energy that consists of vibrations that I may not be accustomed to working with (let’s say there’s an energy that comes through me that would like to assist in my healing work), I use a few questions to help me clarify my relationship to that energy.

Does the energy consist of unconditional love, compassion and truth? Is it in alignment with Spirit (God, Source)? All energy is part of Source. Is it an energy that’s in alignment with my highest and best? How can it serve me, how can it serve others, what is its purpose? What is its vibration or energy telling me?

I then discern whether that energy would serve me or not at any given moment. You always have the ability to choose what energies you want to work with and what energies to bring through. I don’t always have to understand all of the energy to use it or not to use it, to learn its message or to pass it by. My basic approach is always working with the above questions and then letting the energies align with me as a whole person, so that my healing is expanded and enhanced.

Ultimately the energy is either made of love, or it’s not. Names, systems of thinking, definitions, hierarchies – they’re not all that important to me. Asking the above questions helps me to clarify my relationship to those energies, but my system is simple. What it boils down to is, the less I get enmeshed in definitions or hierarchies, the more I can lead from my heart center and stay in alignment with Spirit.

photo credit: boogies with fish

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