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Letting Go to Clear the Space for Something New

My son John gave me full permission to share this.

I had a dream about him not too long ago; in it, I sensed he had been having troubles the night before.  When I called him and expressed this, he confirmed this – girlfriend trouble, more specifically.  He was feeling crushed and emotionally overwhelmed, which was a concern to me because whenever emotionally intense situations have arisen in the past, my son has tended to turn to drug and alcohol as a means of alleviating his emotions.

On the phone, I talked him through the process of calling up the emotions, releasing the pain – while replacing it with love and in his heart letting the girl go.  I told him he had a choice in how he was going to have his energy be: attached to this girl and suffering, or letting her go so she could go on her path and make her own decisions.  The choice, again, was that he could keep all the anger and the pain and sadness or let it go and open himself up to the possibility of another person coming into his life – someone perfect for him. He chose to work with me and release all his emotions and attachment to her… and later he expressed how much better he felt. But still he couldn’t picture the possibility of finding someone new.

I had him fast-forward into the future and I had him “feel” the reality of a new partner. His mind instantly dismissed that it was possible.  “No, no, no, it’s not possible, I don’t have any new girls in life” was what his mind was telling him and he relayed.

Because I have worked with him before and he’s seen the results of that work and trusts me, he allowed himself to feel the truth of this new partner in the future, “I can feel this is true.” John had to go with what he felt and believe it, and upon feeling it, his mind accepted this truth. He eventually accepted the belief that a new partner was possible for him and integrated this within his whole being.

Within four days, much to his surprise, he had a new girlfriend.

The point of this story is that he had been so miserable that had it not been for our work together, he would’ve resorted to alcohol.  But because he did the energy work and tuned into what his body needed, released the old – while replacing it with love and was feeling more realigned with himself, not only did he not need the alcohol but he also he opened himself up to bringing in a new person into his life.  Now, he feels grateful for this new adventure in his life, which is far more rewarding than the old girlfriend who had left, and he has further evidence of the benefits of connecting with himself and clearing out stuck feelings to literally make space for something new.

Photo Credit: Herbert Johan


 I often reflect how my spiritual, mental and emotional bodies have always been so very quick to transform and yet I seem to require a lot more focus and effort when it comes to my physical body – it’s sort of the laggard of the package.

 Some people have challenges in their mental fields: they have continuous negative thoughts bombarding them, or belief systems that don’t serve them and weigh them down.

 For other people, it’s their emotions that tend to run amok and pull them off balance repeatedly.

  Others yet have the belief or the perception of separateness (that is, the perception that they’re separate from Source or God or the One). That could be a challenge because it limits how we can grow spiritually, especially when ultimately we’re always one whether we’re aware of it or not.

  Each of us has our specialized area where we’re more comfortable growing… and few of us have everything aligned at all times.

Honoring those parts of you instead of being angry or frustrated with them is key to real, fundamental change. Just bringing love and light into the part that lags, and doing so with continued focus and commitment (still with the intention of doing it with ease and grace), and paying attention to what is required to support that part of you, is all that is needed to allow those parts to catch up with the rest… and to do so in an elegant and fluid manner.

Photo Credit: By h.koppdelaney