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 I often reflect how my spiritual, mental and emotional bodies have always been so very quick to transform and yet I seem to require a lot more focus and effort when it comes to my physical body – it’s sort of the laggard of the package.

 Some people have challenges in their mental fields: they have continuous negative thoughts bombarding them, or belief systems that don’t serve them and weigh them down.

 For other people, it’s their emotions that tend to run amok and pull them off balance repeatedly.

  Others yet have the belief or the perception of separateness (that is, the perception that they’re separate from Source or God or the One). That could be a challenge because it limits how we can grow spiritually, especially when ultimately we’re always one whether we’re aware of it or not.

  Each of us has our specialized area where we’re more comfortable growing… and few of us have everything aligned at all times.

Honoring those parts of you instead of being angry or frustrated with them is key to real, fundamental change. Just bringing love and light into the part that lags, and doing so with continued focus and commitment (still with the intention of doing it with ease and grace), and paying attention to what is required to support that part of you, is all that is needed to allow those parts to catch up with the rest… and to do so in an elegant and fluid manner.

Photo Credit: By h.koppdelaney

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