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Who Do You Let Into Your Heart?

Heart ImageBecause I believe that it’s our natural state to love (and be loved) unconditionally and without restrictions, I was surprised when I recently researched how people let others into their hearts and discovered that everybody has different rules about who they let in, and that many put parameters and restrictions on receiving love.

For instance, one person I asked told me that she didn’t open up all that much because “people might leave.” That person, even though she’s very self-aware, had put a restriction on what she would allow so she didn’t have to face the pain should something happen, or the friendship end, or someone leave her life.

This was a variation on a theme that emerged during my research: some people can be very open and energetically let people in, whereas others define themselves as very private and remain locked, restricting how much love they let in (and conversely, how much love they give).

Obviously, letting love in assumes there’s a foundation of safety, trust and love, as you wouldn’t let into your heart somebody who’s abusive or untrustworthy or has ulterior motives. If someone in your life is genuinely honest and loving and truthful, can you sense how open you are with them… or do you have conditions for receiving love? If a given person loves you unconditionally and completely, do you know it? Do you accept all of it or do you just let a sliver in?

One way to determine whether we are cutting off the love we receive is simply to examine our friendships and relationships. Looking at individual relationships and reflecting on how close they are and how much we feel we can share of ourselves gives us a good starting point for assessing the love we let in and the love we allow ourselves to express.

And if we find that we’re holding back a part of ourselves, something I encourage people to do is to find where the limitations lie and where they feel vulnerable. Once we know our limitations and vulnerabilities, we can choose to stretch a little beyond them and heal the parts where that stretching feels unsafe.

Also helpful for opening up is making a commitment to loving ourselves more, whether through practicing self-care or by looking at our self-talk, both in what we think and what we say. Frequently people will be very unkind to themselves, saying, “Oh, that was stupid” or “I’m really bad at that” instead of the more positive “I’m really good at this piece, and I’m going to focus on improving the other parts.” It may be surprising to realize how much negativity we can harbor, but we can receive things far better if instead of that harsh self-criticism there’s a positive focus on what we’re good at, and how we’re going to improve on the areas of opportunity.

Generally people shut people out if they fear loss or rejection. If we can dismantle the rules we’ve created for ourselves and let people in, every day will feel like there’s far more love in our lives.

Do you let your friends and your relationships fully into your heart? Would you like to live with more love but need further guidance? Please call Julie at 206.354.7090 to schedule a session.

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Testimonials about Julie Jameson’s Energetic Healing

“What I love about Julie is how she reminds us all that healing can be, and is, simple. It doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to take long. She helps us all remember that place in which healing is natural, easy, and instantaneous.”
–Astrid Pujari, MD

“I have seen Julie Jameson for healing work many times, and am always amazed at her ability to pinpoint the EXACT emotion I am feeling, even if I am unaware of it until she points it out. From there, she helps me to uncover, and change, the underlying cause of the emotion (assuming it’s negative, of course—happiness is encouraged at all times!). The elegance of her work stems from the fact that it is often the unacknowledged emotion that is causing physical symptoms. So, by guiding me toward the underlying cause, Julie has eliminated many uncomfortable physical symptoms for me.

I whole-heartedly recommend Julie for her marvelous empathic ability and her attunement with the Divine. Everything she does is done with integrity, honesty, and loving kindness.”

“Julie Jameson is a wonderful healer who helps you get to the core of your issues and dispatch them with ease. Her deep insight and loving support are what make the seemingly simple so extremely powerful. No fanfare, no thousands of steps, just transformation at its most adept. Julie is one of my favorite healers to work with!”
–Barbara Davies, Naturopathic Doctor, Author

“I want to thank you. You are an amazing being and I dearly value your work and who you are. You have offered me tremendous insights and feedback that have reminded me of who I am. I am grateful for your healing energy, and communication with me on all levels. And, all is a reflection and open heart and unconditional love you give and offer. You’ve been an incredible inspiration. I feel like you are this spiritual coach, who is also in physical form, helping bring clarity to my being and encouraging me in a multitude of ways to find my center and power in this time and space. I feel blessed to have you come into my life.”
–Cheryl Berry, D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic

“Of all the healers I’ve ever known, Julie stands out for her amazing intuitive abilities as well as her capacity to cut through the static to the core issues and then facilitating their release with ease and simplicity.”
–Ricardo das Neves, Writer / Yoga Instructor

“Julie has a strong, clear connection to Spirit. This connection allows her to offer assistance in countless ways. She has helped me on many occasions and it was nothing short of amazing every time.”
–Laurie Holderman, Office Manager/Energy Worker

“Working with Julie is such a joy that it shouldn’t be called working at all. You hear words like ease and grace often in this field and those words are spot on when describing Julie and how she facilitates balancing, revitalizing and healing. And if that weren’t already enough, she happily explains just what she is doing along the way. She teaches clients who desire it how to integrate the energies with their own abilities to allow the healing to happen even quicker and easier.”
–Peter K.

“Julie is a skilled healer. She is generous. She has the ability to communicate with me on ‘all levels’. She is dedicated. She models grace and ease. She teaches me tools to help myself. In my opinion, she is one of the best healers in Seattle.”
–Deanna Ahlers

“For years Julie has helped me identify, release and heal emotional issues as they arise. Her incredible empathy allows her to zero in on the physical manifestations of emotions in order to heal them, creating ever-increasing freedom in my life with ease and grace. I don’t know what I would do without her!”
–Donna Hess, Artist

“Julie is a wonderful teacher and healer! Very gifted!”
–Diane Williams-Garris, LMP

“Julie is truly a gifted healer who is a blessing to all who get to work with her.”
–Susan MacCaul Siegmund

“Julie is very passionate about giving you the tools for patience, compassion and self love. She helps process and release fears that keep you from self love. Julie is very trustworthy, you feel instantly comfortable.”
–Missy Milne

“Julie is incredible to work with both in group settings and one on one! She is an expert in her field, makes you feel comfortable and safe, and her energy work leaves you feeling lighter and refreshed. I would recommend her to everyone, you walk away feeling like a better version of yourself every time!”
–Lisa Iverson

“Everyone should have a support team for their life, and if you’re lucky, you’ve got Julie on yours. She’s helped me through some professional hurdles, but moreover she is true to her word – her work is both profoundly moving yet easily accessible. For anyone who feels blocked or just wants to reinforce forward movement in their life, I highly recommend working with Julie. And I have to admit that looking 5 years younger after a session is one of my many motivations to continue working with Julie.”
–Dawn Monet

“I received a remote energy session with Julie and wasn’t sure quite what to expect but, as soon as our session began, I knew I was in very competent, safe hands. I’m still processing the results of my session with Julie and already feel a greater sense of lightness and trust that is very deep and healing and I’m seeing results personally and professionally. Having worked with many energy workers over many years, I already trust Julie completely and can recommend her to anyone seeking an energetic shift or healing at any level.”
–Alicia Isaacs Howes

“Julie is an outstanding healer. I have known Julie for a long time and her work and integrity are #1 on my list. Julie is very gifted. I have had work from her personally and have experienced the deep and profound healing effects from her healing work in my life. She has got me out of tough places where I have felt stuck and unable to move forward. My favorite thing she has taught me is, “It doesn’t have to be hard”. I live by that daily. I highly recommend her work. Julie has all the attributes listed on Top Attributes you must select [on LinkedIn], but you must only pick 3. That was tough to do!” “Julie is amazing!!”
–Jennifer Burrus, LMP

That Annoying Person May Be More Useful To You Than You Think

It’s interesting to note how not just our beliefs and ideas but our prejudices and annoyances are so very shaped by our past interactions with people. And our interactions with people now, today, are a source of growth if we approach those interactions not at face value (how they please or displease us) but what they say about us. Rarely do we look inside when we’re annoyed with someone; instead, we tend see the source of the annoyance “out there” and seldom dig further for the lesson and the growth behind it.

I was working with someone recently (let’s call her Mary) who related how irritating she found someone’s personality. I suggested to Mary that this woman (let’s call her Jane) was irritating not because of her personality per se, but because Jane mirrored something back to Mary—something within Mary that was unfinished business.

The behavior that irritated Mary had to do with inauthentic communication—how Jane lacked genuineness. You and I might interact with Jane, note that she doesn’t feel genuine, and shrug and move on. But, as I mentioned, Mary was really irritated by this. When we started to dig a little, Mary discovered that as a child her mother had a tendency to give her the silent treatment for things that Mary had in fact never done. To get her mother to act normal again required Mary to apologize for things she had never done or behavior she had never had. Her child self had to be inauthentic in order to restore the connection with her mother, and as an adult now, she had a strong judgment of inauthentic people.

In uncovering this fact, Jane proved to be a very useful person to Mary, because it gave Mary the chance to identify the issue, and then, using several different techniques that I draw upon intuitively, to heal her history with her mother. At this point the things that made Jane’s personality irritating didn’t matter any longer.

Mary’s experience is a perfect example of how situations and people that trigger something in us are opportunities to look not at the people but our reactions… and then experience healing, growth and significant personal transformation.

Do you have situations or people who are painful or irritating to you? Would you like help in uncovering what’s behind them and healing them fully? I am available to schedule appointments with you and use all the tools at my disposal to help you. For inquiries, please call 206.354.7090 or email Website:
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