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Testimonials about Julie Jameson’s Energetic Healing

“What I love about Julie is how she reminds us all that healing can be, and is, simple. It doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to take long. She helps us all remember that place in which healing is natural, easy, and instantaneous.”
–Astrid Pujari, MD

“I have seen Julie Jameson for healing work many times, and am always amazed at her ability to pinpoint the EXACT emotion I am feeling, even if I am unaware of it until she points it out. From there, she helps me to uncover, and change, the underlying cause of the emotion (assuming it’s negative, of course—happiness is encouraged at all times!). The elegance of her work stems from the fact that it is often the unacknowledged emotion that is causing physical symptoms. So, by guiding me toward the underlying cause, Julie has eliminated many uncomfortable physical symptoms for me.

I whole-heartedly recommend Julie for her marvelous empathic ability and her attunement with the Divine. Everything she does is done with integrity, honesty, and loving kindness.”

“Julie Jameson is a wonderful healer who helps you get to the core of your issues and dispatch them with ease. Her deep insight and loving support are what make the seemingly simple so extremely powerful. No fanfare, no thousands of steps, just transformation at its most adept. Julie is one of my favorite healers to work with!”
–Barbara Davies, Naturopathic Doctor, Author

“I want to thank you. You are an amazing being and I dearly value your work and who you are. You have offered me tremendous insights and feedback that have reminded me of who I am. I am grateful for your healing energy, and communication with me on all levels. And, all is a reflection and open heart and unconditional love you give and offer. You’ve been an incredible inspiration. I feel like you are this spiritual coach, who is also in physical form, helping bring clarity to my being and encouraging me in a multitude of ways to find my center and power in this time and space. I feel blessed to have you come into my life.”
–Cheryl Berry, D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic

“Of all the healers I’ve ever known, Julie stands out for her amazing intuitive abilities as well as her capacity to cut through the static to the core issues and then facilitating their release with ease and simplicity.”
–Ricardo das Neves, Writer / Yoga Instructor

“Julie has a strong, clear connection to Spirit. This connection allows her to offer assistance in countless ways. She has helped me on many occasions and it was nothing short of amazing every time.”
–Laurie Holderman, Office Manager/Energy Worker

“Working with Julie is such a joy that it shouldn’t be called working at all. You hear words like ease and grace often in this field and those words are spot on when describing Julie and how she facilitates balancing, revitalizing and healing. And if that weren’t already enough, she happily explains just what she is doing along the way. She teaches clients who desire it how to integrate the energies with their own abilities to allow the healing to happen even quicker and easier.”
–Peter K.

“Julie is a skilled healer. She is generous. She has the ability to communicate with me on ‘all levels’. She is dedicated. She models grace and ease. She teaches me tools to help myself. In my opinion, she is one of the best healers in Seattle.”
–Deanna Ahlers

“For years Julie has helped me identify, release and heal emotional issues as they arise. Her incredible empathy allows her to zero in on the physical manifestations of emotions in order to heal them, creating ever-increasing freedom in my life with ease and grace. I don’t know what I would do without her!”
–Donna Hess, Artist

“Julie is a wonderful teacher and healer! Very gifted!”
–Diane Williams-Garris, LMP

“Julie is truly a gifted healer who is a blessing to all who get to work with her.”
–Susan MacCaul Siegmund

“Julie is very passionate about giving you the tools for patience, compassion and self love. She helps process and release fears that keep you from self love. Julie is very trustworthy, you feel instantly comfortable.”
–Missy Milne

“Julie is incredible to work with both in group settings and one on one! She is an expert in her field, makes you feel comfortable and safe, and her energy work leaves you feeling lighter and refreshed. I would recommend her to everyone, you walk away feeling like a better version of yourself every time!”
–Lisa Iverson

“Everyone should have a support team for their life, and if you’re lucky, you’ve got Julie on yours. She’s helped me through some professional hurdles, but moreover she is true to her word – her work is both profoundly moving yet easily accessible. For anyone who feels blocked or just wants to reinforce forward movement in their life, I highly recommend working with Julie. And I have to admit that looking 5 years younger after a session is one of my many motivations to continue working with Julie.”
–Dawn Monet

“I received a remote energy session with Julie and wasn’t sure quite what to expect but, as soon as our session began, I knew I was in very competent, safe hands. I’m still processing the results of my session with Julie and already feel a greater sense of lightness and trust that is very deep and healing and I’m seeing results personally and professionally. Having worked with many energy workers over many years, I already trust Julie completely and can recommend her to anyone seeking an energetic shift or healing at any level.”
–Alicia Isaacs Howes

“Julie is an outstanding healer. I have known Julie for a long time and her work and integrity are #1 on my list. Julie is very gifted. I have had work from her personally and have experienced the deep and profound healing effects from her healing work in my life. She has got me out of tough places where I have felt stuck and unable to move forward. My favorite thing she has taught me is, “It doesn’t have to be hard”. I live by that daily. I highly recommend her work. Julie has all the attributes listed on Top Attributes you must select [on LinkedIn], but you must only pick 3. That was tough to do!” “Julie is amazing!!”
–Jennifer Burrus, LMP

How To Clear Energy Fast

There are two concepts I’ve been using with my clients lately that have been very useful in facilitating fast change.

These two concepts aren’t just mental. We can think of concepts as being mentally integrated, but in truth we have to make sure they go beyond the brain, because the brain is only one part and have the integration of all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The first concept is working with clients’ beliefs around how easy it is to heal.

Some people have the belief that healing or transforming is hard and that it’s difficult to let go of things. If that’s their belief, then usually that becomes their experience.

But healing is healing—it doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny thing (and they think nothing of clearing it) or whether it’s something that feels huge and overwhelming. It’s our perception that makes certain things appear to have greater weight than others. If something is tiny enough that we believe that healing it is easy and instantaneous, what’s there to stop us from applying that to the big things? Whether the large thing is a trauma or whether we’re holding on to something that’s no longer useful, healing can be done with ease, grace and be as instantaneous as serves our highest and best. It can be as easy as taking a breath in and out.

The other concept is seeing beliefs, concepts and emotional challenges, as just being energy or light. We tend to label things as good or bad, but they could just as easily be described as whether they serve us or have stopped serving us. When we release something or transmute it, we’re exchanging one form of energy for another. Sure, the new energy we choose might be lighter have a higher energy or vibration, but essentially it’s all light; it’s all forms of light in different frequencies or densities. And something that is love-centered has the ability to be lighter than things that are fear-based.

Both of these concepts have worked very well with my clients, and they were able to let go or heal or accept greater amounts of light far faster than before they had considered or integrated these concepts.

Photo credit: Ashamar 

Release Judgment to Get More Out of Experiences.

In one of my group meditations someone once told me that she felt like she was new to the practice and hence had a harder time sensing where she was holding energy. After we were no longer in a meditative state, she asked me a question and when I was giving her feedback, I inquired, “Can you feel where you’re holding energy—here and here?”

“Well,” she replied, “I can feel it here. And it’s not that I don’t believe you, but I can’t feel it in the other spot.”

“Close your eyes and focus within.”

She did, and then she said, “Oh, I can feel it now.”

I thanked her for showing everybody that sometimes you may not be able to feel something with your eyes open, but in a deeper state of focus it’s a little bit easier. “It takes practice to increase your awareness and sensitivity,” I added.

Later I learned that she had concluded that she wasn’t “advanced enough” or “evolved enough” for my class. She was comparing herself against other people’s experiences or what they had been able to do, and judging herself for her supposed lack of perception… with all of the insecurity that went with that self-judgment.

To illustrate how this wasn’t about how “experienced” or “advanced” this woman was, in the same group there was someone else who’s extremely gifted, empathetic, and really able to feel things—yet later I learned she would often experience frustration because there’s a part of her that really wants to see the energy rather than just feel it. She was caught in the judgment that seeing energy was better than feeling energy.

The fact of the matter is that wherever we are, and whatever our experience is at any given moment, it is perfect, and anytime we get stuck in comparing ourselves with others, we step out of the magic of the moment. Turning off our judgment (including judging ourselves for our self-judgment) and aligning with out heart, we can then treat everything just as information. That way, our self-doubt and tendency to compare show us where the inner opportunities exist for expansion and personal growth. And with that mindset it’s easier to have a fuller, more appreciative experience and to realize that we’re experiencing not only what is perfect but also what is ideal for us.

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Working with Layers Versus Resolving an Issue all at Once

Sometimes I work with clients who have the hope or the expectation of working on something once and for that issue to be done and finished.

Whether in my group meditations or working individually with clients, I will often mention that it’s useful to think of an issue being akin to the layers of an onion. We all want to get to the root of something, but we might have to clear it in layers because we don’t have the capacity or the readiness to reach its core.

Yes, there are times when we’re able to address the whole issue, pattern, etc., because we truly are ready, and we do it and we’re finished with it. And then there are those times when we just have to work deeper and deeper, layer by layer, without judging ourselves or judging as wrong or bad that the work is gradual rather than sudden. Ultimately the pattern or the issues that we’re trying to clear may have served us up to that point in time, either as a self-protecting mechanism, or to create a sense of safety, or to hold us up or keep us alive.

If a beautiful house has rot, we don’t go rooting around and tear up the entire house, because we wouldn’t be able to live in it. The house still serves us and we can’t suddenly judge it as bad when it’s kept us alive and has been serving us. We take care of the individual boards and we maintain them, but we don’t tear everything up.

It’s the same with our healing experience. We can stay in a place of presence and joy and love and compassion, allowing ourselves to live essentially in our bodies without ripping things up or destroying the foundation. We start with an issue, and perhaps we’re able to do a minor repair or perhaps we get the entire issue or pattern all at once. It’s not I who decides what a person is ready for, and sometimes what they want to achieve with healing is greater than their whole being is ready to experience. However much we are able to clear is perfect in that moment; even if it’s a single layer that’s addressed, it doesn’t discount the progress or the transformation. We’re still lighter than when we started, and ultimately we all get to the root in our own timing. We can’t force or rush something that we’re simply unready for, and when there is full healing, we know it, because we feel a deep sense of completion of the process and an integration of all the layers.

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Letting Go of Expectations for a Better Meditation

In my last blog I discussed how sometimes we have uncomfortable feelings arise when we first start meditating. But what if you had a fantastic meditation the first time, and then you haven’t been able to replicate it since then?

When working with my clients I’ve found that if people have a powerful healing experience the first time and get in touch with their core essence, they have the expectation of a repeat experience identical to the first one, and this can keep them from experiencing what is presented to them now.

Let’s say yesterday in the midst of a meditation you experienced your connection to Source from a place of light and the light was connected like a beautiful and glistening spider web. Today you try to experience the same thing, and all you’re getting is the visual of a flower.

If you let go of trying to make today’s experience replicate yesterday’s, the flower may in fact bring you feelings that are different but equally intense. You might feel love and transformation in the depths of the flower and realize that flower or glistening light spider web, it’s all God, it’s all Source.

Whenever anyone has the expectation for experience “A,” they might miss experience “B” because “A” might never be meant to be repeated. Each visit within has its own unique potential of possibilities.

The point of all this is: let go of expectations and dive fully into today’s experience, no matter what it is.

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What To Do When Meditation Dredges Up Feelings Not Related To Meditation?

Sometimes it’s easy to assume that because we started meditating, we’re automatically bound to touch a sense of peace. You think you’re setting the stage for your mind and your emotions to settle only to find the opposite: an incessantly agitated mind, or feelings of anger, sadness or loss welling up seemingly out of nowhere, or physical discomfort. It would be nice if we could always go to the peace but often we encounter that initial layer of mental, physical and emotional “static” when we first begin to meditate. It’s normal for physical, mental and emotional patterns to come to the surface as a result of meditation—it brings consciousness to what is inside of us that we may have tucked away, not fully cleared and/or are looking to heal on a still deeper level.

What to do with this?

Look to remain heart-centered and fearless while in meditation. It can be scary and uncomfortable to feel these parts of you come forward, but remain open and relaxed. Sit and be with the emotion and/or whatever it is (even the emotion of frustration when the meditation isn’t going “how it’s supposed to go”—for that, just let go of any judgment and fear that can accompany and complicate the frustration). Really acknowledge and feel whatever the thought, physical discomfort or emotion is and ask it what it’s related to in your life. Where is it stored in your body? Are there any mental beliefs/patterns connected to this? How does it feel? How has it served you (yes, even the things we do not see as positive can have served us greatly)?

Sometimes just putting conscious attention to it and fully acknowledging this part of you that has surfaced has the effect of “dissolving it”; but you have to be patient to let it really release, as opposed to you wanting it to be done. Ask—is this emotion/emotional pattern ready to be released? There may be a lesson, something that this part of you wants to communicate. Listen for it. When at some point the energy of that thought, physical discomfort or emotion no longer feels contracted replace it with love and allow it to blend into you.

Know that the process of healing, expanding and being more fully aligned with the light gets easier as you go along.


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